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Hi, I'm Hanna

I’m Hanna, just a gal that has a love for sustainable style, reading until my eyes blur and large bodies of water.


Pools first, lakes second and oceans last. Yes, in that order (fear of sharks).

After working as a stylist over the past decade, I've spent well over $100,000s of dollars shopping and putting outfits together so I know a few things about what it takes to look put together and stylish.  

And, while I was an incredibly lucky gal to inherit a beautiful collection of couture wardrobe and accessories from my Grandma Jean, I quickly realized I was accustomed to the high quality couture brands like Chanel, YSL and other couture- but hello, I did NOT have that budget

Not even close.  

So after an invitation to a high-end luncheon (with a client of mine, now friend) at one of Chicago's most elite private clubs I challenged myself to a $100 outfit head-to-toe outfit and my foray into thrifting began...

My shopping life and view of clothing consumption changed forever.  Now my wardrobe is 90% secondhand, 9% small business and 1% who knows.

You can look stylish on a (real life) budget and I'll show you how with clever styling tips and tricks,  smarter shopping strategies and purchasing secondhand.

Here's your invitation to style- more sustainably,